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o five o five o five
By: meera kE

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Sunday, 29-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

my lovely cuzin..
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azliana is getting married.huhu.she's my age.(18 only ma)
adoi.so early.but hope nazri n ana cud cope with the rumahtangga matters for the future outcomes..

the day went so fine.i mean,the day.when the midnite come,ther's kejadian sosok sosok yang i think susah to picture.haha.well,enjoy the 'day' piccas.

Sunday, 15-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the day u went away : : :

00:02 14/s/05 we arrived, pakcek wants to sit n talk to us
he's delivering something but cud not be understood by me ~sigh~
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i have not update my page since last two days...bz..
: continue from the last entry :

: : : : untie ramlah, dis is the song that arwah dedicated to you... as representing his soul, and words dat never spoken before.....

'' indah, terasa indah , bila kite berbuai dalam alunan cinta ,
sedapat mungkin terciptakan rasa , dan kita saling memiliki ,
namun bila , itu semua , dapat terujud dlm satu ikatan cinta,
tak semudah seperti yang bermain main , menyatukan perasaan kita ,
tetap lah menjadi bintang di langit , agar cinta kitakan abadi ,
biarlah sinarmu tetap menyinari alam ini , agar menjadi saksi cinta kita , berdua . .
sudah , lama sudah , kini semua , tak menjadi ,
mungkin inilah jalan yang terbaik , dan kite mesti relakan kenyataan . . . "

*those lyrics are taken from wut arwah's wrote....with the guitar tabs..

Thursday, 12-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
masih ada yang sayang...

adik..waiting for mama in the car
on daway back..
the first glanced when we stepped into nenek's house..
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back then,he was one of the big man in music industry...been teaching lots of bands,from all over malaysia and indonesia...from the nothing of music inputs,iv learned a lots..he used to be my big masta..still remember the tabs of d first song he tought to me,'i will survive'...but,life's rarely predictable...things comes,its goes after...

this is real story ok..

last nite,i went back to my granny's and sleepover...my uncle,(which on those piccas),had got out of the hospital to have his last days of the life with nenek,siblings,nephew,nieces,and those relatives..he's on the last stage of fighting his liver cancer,which this are really unacceptable for all of us!he is still on the go last three weeks..he even tought me kasih tak sampai tabs..its obviously shocking....never of us realized dat before... its not wut we regret off actually...the thing is,he's about to get married on 29of may as scheduled..do you think he cud ever make it?.....life's unfair..he suffered lots and when he's about to gain the happiness....naaaa..im speechless of this..only god knows why...it is really sad becouse the preparation is on the go but seems like not goin to happen...[/color]

`` for GOD who knows best,i whisper the song of the soul,give some lil space for our beloved mr azhar,to have the best momment in life,which he never achieve,never feel,never thought..if it fated that he will never found its best,you do the tasks..of the wishes of all,never make him suffer the life again and again...we praises THE ALMIGHTY,take him away,we rathered,rains him with HIS forgiveness...only HIM knows best...amin~``

Friday, 6-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
another boring day..

yoga at sunway pyramid?
she loves fire crackers..haha..o fire flies?
mimi n qistina
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as im sitting on dis chair,wid nothing to do,iv started thinkin dat actually i cud do sumthing upon my thousands of boring pics..thanx to keyrah for the lovely idea..fotopages,here i come..hek hek

p/s: i'd rather spent my time hangin out wid my sibs rather than others...they r exciting..it's true..just browse all those pic of our hang over!

Wednesday, 4-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my fellow creepy fellas..

acab n mad..tiring day uh?
sweetie dina n mad
faisal a.k.a bulu!!!
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those r our freaky frenz all over malaysia..now,we hardly meet each other since we got to to the tasks of the own life..hukhuk...i'd really miss the good old days.... will be damn happy if i could get thru all the times once again...but past r past..hope u guys succeed well eh

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